Líndal, B: Harmony

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Líndal, Benedikt Guðni

eng. , 2008, Geb

In this book two great professionals, Benedikt Líndal ma...
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Líndal, Benedikt Guðni :


Übersetzt von Helga Thoroddsen. Fotos von Friðþjófur Helgason. Englisch. Akranes, 2008. 141 S., Abb., 22*25 cm. Geb

In this book two great professionals, Benedikt Líndal master trainer and Friðþjófur Helgason photographer join hands. They have collaborated successfully before and produced the instructional films Starting horses and Training. Harmony is the final chapter in this trilogy, a beautiful book combining education, thougths and pure feeling.
"The collaboration between two clever professionals, a horseman and a photographer, has now produced a partifcularly beautiful book. In Harmony we find numbers of great photographs, an abundance of knowledge, instructions and countless great ideas as well as stories from an outstanding trainer. The author has managed to produce an entertaining and exciting addition to his two instructional films previously published and to conclude and close the project with this beautiful book." Pétur Behrens
"I have known Benedikt Líndal for 25 years. Early on he decided to make the most of his time, to mature and grow, both as a person and a horseman. This he has achieved. The instructional films Starting horses and Training and now the book Harmony speak for themselves without further testimony: Good works that bear outstanding witness to the author." Jens Einarsson

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