Einarsson, K: Essence of Iceland

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Einarsson, Kristján Ingi
The Essence of Iceland = Kjarni Íslands

eng. , 2009, Geb

Just what is the essen...
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Einarsson, Kristján Ingi :

The Essence of Iceland = Kjarni Íslands

Übersetzt von Jeffrey Cosser und Keneva Kunz. Englisch. Reykjavík, 2009. 151 S., zahlr. Abb., 24*31 cm. Geb

Just what is the essence of Iceland, this island in the far north, the essence of its environment, and the essential experience of the person viewing nature outside the urban landscape? The silence and the solitude, some say. The colour and the expanse, say others. The empty wilderness and grassy farmlands, the ever changing ocean and villages, still others say.
Photographer Kristján Ingi Einarsson journeys through the country´s wildest and most secluded reaches to capture its mood and identity in these stunning photographs, sharing with us his vision of Iceland´s true essence.
Author and geoscientist Ari Trausti Guðmundsson gives voice to the images in poems and short prose, along with informative and interesting details about each location.

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