Valsson, T: Planning in Iceland

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Valsson, Trausti
Planning in Iceland

eng. , 2003, Geb

This book gives an overview of the development of ...
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Valsson, Trausti :

Planning in Iceland :
From the settlement to present times

Englisch. Reykjavík, 2003. 480 S. Geb

This book gives an overview of the development of settlements and urban areas in Iceland from its first settlement in 874 to present times. Iceland, being an island with well-documented history, can be seen as a laboratory on how human habitat evolves and changes in an interplay with the forces of nature.
As Iceland is small and sparsely populated, it fits well for the study on how aspects of society, nature and planning interact. Until with this book the story of planning in Iceland has been unknown to the world. Scholars and students may find the book a good base for further study. The 1250 maps and pictures, and countless references, make it highly useful for such purposes.

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