Sæmundsson, K: Icelandic Rocks and Minerals

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Sæmundsson, Kristján/ Gunnlaugsson, Einar
Icelandic Rocks and Minerals

eng. , 2017, Kt

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Sæmundsson, Kristján/ Gunnlaugsson, Einar :

Icelandic Rocks and Minerals

Übersetzt von Anna Yates. Fotos von Grétar Eiríksson. Englisch. 2. Aufl. Reykjavík, 2017. 232 S., zahlr. Farb. Abb., Zeichn. U. Skizzen, 14,5*21 cm. Kt

Iceland is geologically young - a volcanic island still in the process of formation - which makes it a fascinating palce for those with an interest in rocks and minerals, particularly zeolites, for wich Iceland is famous. This handbook, which fits easily into a pocket or rucksack, will help identify the interesting and often very beautiful minerals and rocks that are typical of Icelandic geology.
Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs, the book contains detailed description of the identifying features of each mineral, as well as an introduction to Icelandic geology in gerneral and the conditions under which each mineral forms.

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