Matt, G: Slippurinn

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Matt, Gísli

eng. , 2021, Geb

The debut from rising star chef Gísli Matt of Slippurinn, the in...
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Matt, Gísli :

Slippurinn :
Recipes and Stories from Iceland

Englisch. Berlin, 2021. 256 S., 145 farb. Abb., 27*20,5 cm. Geb

The debut from rising star chef Gísli Matt of Slippurinn, the international destination restaurant in Iceland’s Westman Islands Chef Gísli Matt built Slippurinn with his family  in a historic shipyard building of a small town whose landscape was changed forever by the lava flow from a 1973 erupted volcano. In this most incredible environment, where plants  grow on mountains created out of lava, Matt created a menu that both respects the local  and traditional and pushes boundaries of contemporary cuisine. His first book takes the reader right to the heart of Matt’s fascinating culinary world and island life.

Matt, Gísli

Gísli Matt hails from a long line of Icelandic cooks and fishermen. After training as a chef and working in restaurants including Eleven Madison Park and Aska in New York, he decided to return to Iceland and open the restaurant of his dreams: Slippurinn.    

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