Adeane, A: Out of Thin Air

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Adeane, Anthony
Out of Thin Air

eng. , 2019, Kt

The bizarre true crime case that has gripped Iceland for...
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Adeane, Anthony :

Out of Thin Air :
A True Story Of Impossible Murder In Iceland

Englisch. London, 2019. 304 S., 19,8 cm. Kt

The bizarre true crime case that has gripped Iceland for five decades. It is the most shocking miscarriage of justice in European history. And now - in the most stunning true crime narrative you will read this year - OUT OF THIN AIR spotlights Iceland´s strangest ever murder case.
Iceland, 1974. In two separate incidents, two men vanished into thin air. Then, out of it, came 6 murder confessions and 6 convictions. Yet, in the decades that followed, these too would dissolve... Fuelled by a personal obsession with the case, Ant Adeane traces its bizarre developments across five decades: exposing the mistakes that were made, the lives that were ruined, the confessions that were coerced, the questions that remain unanswered, and the injustices that remain unaddressed. And it all began in January 1974, when a young man went to a nightclub . . .

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