Tiemann-Kollipost, J: Political Participation in the Digital

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Tiemann-Kollipost, Julia
Political Participation in the Digital Age

eng. , 2020, Kt

This book explores t...
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Tiemann-Kollipost, Julia :

Political Participation in the Digital Age :
An Ethnographic Comparison Between Iceland and Germany

Englisch. Bielefeld, 2020. 270 S., 11 sw. Abb., 2 farb. Abb., 22,5 cm. (Digitale Gesellschaft, 25) Kt

This book explores the potential of the Internet for enabling new and flexible political participation modes. It meticulously illustrates how the Internet is responsible for citizens´ participation practices changing from general, linear, high-threshold, temporally constricted and dependent on physical presence to topic-centered, anachronistic, low-threshold and temporally as well as locally discontinuous. With its ethnographic focus on Icelandic and German online participation tools Betri Reykjavík and LiquidFriesland, the book offers plentiful advice for citizens, programmers, politicians, and administrations alike on how to get the most out of online participation formats.

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