Davis, S: Island Thinking

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Davis, Sophia
Island Thinking

eng. , 2019, Geb

Island Thinking is a cultural historical and geographical...
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Davis, Sophia :

Island Thinking :
Suffolk Stories of Landscape, Militarisation and Identity

Englisch. Heidelberg, 2019. 20 sw. Abb., 21,0 cm. Geb

Island Thinking is a cultural historical and geographical study of Englishness in a key period of cultural transformation in mid-twentieth century Britain as the empire shrank back to its insular core. The book uses a highly regional focus to investigate the imaginative appeal of islands and boundedness, interweaving twentieth-century histories of militarisation, countryside, nature conservation and national heritage to create a thickly textured picture of landscape and history. Referred to as an ´island within an island´, Suffolk´s corner of England provides fascinating stories displaying a preoccupation with vulnerability and threat, refuge and safety. The book explores the portrayal of the region in mid-century rural writing that ´rediscovered´ the countryside, as well as the area´s extensive militarisation during the Second World War. It examines various enclosures, from the wartime radar project to ´make Britain an island again´ to the postwar establishment of secluded nature reserves protecting British birds.

ISBN 978-981--139675-5 9789811396755 Springer Palgrave Macmillan