Merkelbach, R: Monsters in Society

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Merkelbach, Rebecca
Monsters in Society

eng. , 2019, Geb

Demonstrating how closely interwoven the social...
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Merkelbach, Rebecca :

Monsters in Society :
Alterity and Transgression in Medieval Iceland

Englisch. Berlin, 2019. 258 S., 23,0 cm. (The Northern Medieval World: On the Margins of Europe) Geb

Demonstrating how closely interwoven the social and the monstrous are in this genre. Employing literary and cultural theory as well as anthropological and historical approaches, it reads the monsters of the Íslendingasögur in their literary and socio-cultural context, demonstrating that they are not distractions from feud and conflict, but that they are in fact an intrinsic part of the genre´s re-imagining of the past for the needs of the present.

ISBN 978-1-5015-1836-2 9781501518362 Walter de Gruyter & Co.