Ásgeirsson, P: Adventure in Iceland.

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Ásgeirsson, Páll Ásgeir
Adventure in Iceland

eng. , 2005, Kt

Iceland has long been famed for its beautif...
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Ásgeirsson, Páll Ásgeir :

Adventure in Iceland :
Driving routes, hiking trails and stopping places in the highland of Iceland

Übersetzt von Daniel Teague. Fotos von Einar Ragnar Sigurðsson und Páll Stefánsson. Englisch. Reykjavík, 2005. 160 S., 160 farb. Abb., Ktn., Kt

Iceland has long been famed for its beautiful nature. However, until recently the highlands have only been accessible to a select few. Even now this untouched part of this magical country is a separate world. Páll Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, journalist and author

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